Weight Loss and Water

Are you on a diet? Trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight? Do you drink enough water ? You might say that drinking three cups of coffee , 2 cans of soft drinks, 2 beers or martinis , a glass of milk a day and think you are getting enough water . You do not get enough water . Keep reading. The body is primarily water , between 60-75 % water . Each of the systems in the body depend on water .Some of the benefits of drinking water. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. This eliminates body wastes from the cells , organs and colon. Drinking water helps to relieve constipation. It lubricates joints , regulates body temperature, maintains systems of healthy wetlands eyes, ears, nose, mouth , lungs , intestinal tract and skin. Drinking enough water helps us to think clearly, as it helps us lose weight.The body loses water through breathing, perspiration , urine and feces. This does not include water that the body needs for metabolism and the proper functioning of all systems.

The body needs at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day . It is 64 ounces or half a gallon. Another way to find out what you need to water consumption , weight in kilos ( 150 pounds ) will be divided by 2 ounces you need to drink in a day (75 oz). Or, your urine should be a very pale yellow color.Some groups of people need more water. Pregnant women and nursing mothers need more water to satisfy their physiological needs increase for the baby. Children need more water to keep your all your physical activities and growth . Seniors need water. Thirst diminishes with age , but not their water needs . The elderly need to be reminded to drink. Overweight people need more water to meet the higher metabolic needs a heavier body . Exercisers need water before, during and after exercise.There are some common conditions that indicate the need for more water. They include high blood pressure , circulatory problems , kidney stones , joint diseases , indigestion, water retention , constipation and overweight.Some signs and symptoms of dehydration (not enough water) are fatigue , anxiety , irritability , depression, anxiety and headaches.The body needs pure water. The caffeine in coffee , tea and soft drinks is a diuretic . More water in your body you had on drink. Soda has a lot of calories you do not need . If you have a lot of additives to coffee, tea , latte also add empty calories.Here are some tips to have enough water in your diet. Make it a priority to drinking water. So if you want a cup of coffee you drink a cup of water first. If you do not like the taste of water , you want cold water . Or you can add a slice of lemon or lime to your glass . I like a drop of lemon, orange , mandarin, grapefruit essential oil in my water for flavor. Carry water with you if you have something to drink. Set a schedule or a reminder to drink water every hour. If it makes you get up to go to the big water fountain . You get a little exercise and stretch your legs at the same time . What a deal .Here is how to get enough water each day. I drink a 12 ounce glass of water when you wake up, before I go to bed and during the night . If I get up to go to the bathroom , I drink water on the way back to bed and I do not stay awake. It is 36 oz I have a 20 oz bottle of water sitting on my desk. I drink and complete before taking the road to see the patients. This is another 40 oz I have a 16 oz bottle of water I put in a drop of essential oil of peppermint . This clears my mind and is a great afternoon pick-me -up . This practice gives me about 92 ounces of water per day. I get a cup of coffee after a glass of water in the morning. I can also have a cup of tea in the evening, especially in winter.

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