Weight Loss and the Drug

Although healthy eating and healthy lifestyle are the two main food resources for weight loss , there are cases where the two are not enough . There are people who bring the weight loss of a viaduct on the use of medications to help get rid of fat. True or false, it is a reality that is accepted by society as normal.Goal of fat loss pill :Drugs that are made ​​to fight against obesity, also known as diet pills , designed to help people lose weight effectively and more quickly compared to other methods of weight loss. Usually defined as drug treatments.Most of the time , this type of pills are only available for people who suffer from life-threatening with their weight. They are only available for people who have a prescription from a doctor. Generally, these agents work for fat loss by suppressing the appetite , increase metabolism, and / or working with the body's natural ability to absorb specific nutrients in food .

Why opt for drugs?There are many reasons why people choose this type of medication. Some may be personal , while some may be due to the order of a physician . For most , they resort to using anti -obesity drugs or diet pills when exercise and diet seem to have failed to demonstrate a significant or visible result.There are also cases where time is an important factor. Some people resort to the use of these drugs when they are against time. They also use when what they really want to see immediate results. However, there are still people who use drugs to lose weight in accordance with the recommendation and advice of their doctors or health professionals trust.What is available ?There are many medications for weight loss on the market. Some exist on the black market, while some can be legally purchased at your regular pharmacy. Those that can be purchased in pharmacies are usually the ones who win fame and fortune . Examples of these popular diet pills and anti- obesity drugs include : sibutramine , orlistat , Byetta , Symlin and metformin .sibutramine :This medication is sometimes recommended by experts . However, it is not something that you should consider as a " miracle drug." It can partially help. Thus, we would still have to reduce their food intake to lose weight . Usually work by giving you the feeling that you are more "complete" , even if the food you just consumed is less than the normal amount of consumption. Therefore , loss of appetite and satiety is enhanced .According to studies , taking this medicine and commitment along with diet and exercise can give greater weight loss compared to exercise and have a diet alone for weight reduction .However, there is also a strong possibility that it will not work with you. A good reason is that some might think that you can relax with your diet , and let the drugs do all the work .orlistat :This drug is popularly known as Xenical. It has the ability to interfere with the natural process of your body from absorbing fat. Thus, it could reduce and decrease the amount of fat your body absorbs . Originally , you could only buy Orlistat prescription. However, since 2007, over the counter sale was approved .metformin :This is a particular medication that is prescribed for people who have diabetes. However , due to its use for diabetes through the years , found that people with type 2 who used metformin diabetes also suffered side effects weight loss drug .Byetta :This is in fact a product of GLP - 1 , which is a hormone that is secreted into the intestine when not detect food present thereon . Similarly Metformin , which is currently available as a drug for type 2 diabetes . You can get it intravenously. Helps you lose weight by making you feel full and delayed gastric emptying.Symlin :This is a byproduct of amylin , a hormone secreted by the pancreas . Overall, this hormone is secreted as a reflex to eat . It is quite similar to Byetta . This drug works by delaying gastric emptying . It also gives you a feeling of fullness .

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